JBake v2.2.0 released

I’m pleased to announce that JBake v2.2.0 is now available for download! The big addition in this release is support for AsciiDoc formatted content, thanks to the Asciidoctor project.

Here’s the full release notes for this version…​


  • Add support for AsciiDoc format

  • Add support for serving up baked site locally

  • Add automatic publishing based on date

  • Look for jbake.properties as well

  • Add command line option to create required structure

  • Add version ouput when JBake is ran

  • Speed up AsciiDoc rendering be reusing Asciidoctor object

  • Add support for .adoc extension


  • Content header is being picked up from middle of content file but it shouldn’t be

  • Date for AsciiDoc formatted files is last modified date instead of revision date

  • Baking is considerably slow on large site (~250 pages across many sub-folders)

Updated documentation has also been released for this release along with a refresh of this site. From this release onwards the project will be adopting the Semantic Versioning system.

This new release should also be available via Maven Central in the next few days.

Download JBake v2.2.0 now and get baking!

By Jonathan Bullock - 23 October 2013