JBake v2.3.0 released

I’m pleased to announce that JBake v2.3.0 has finally been made available for download. This is a big release packed full of new features and enhancements.

Here are the release notes for this version…​

  • Incremental rendering support has been added to this release but been disabled by default (note: this feature is considered experimental at the moment)

  • Support for subdirectory projects has been added

  • Parsing & Rendering code has been modularised allowing more to added more easily

  • Default status can now be defined in configuration

  • Fixed URI bug on Windows

  • Added explicit bake command line option allowing bake+serve in one command

  • Configuration options now available from within AsciiDoc formatted files

  • Logging framework support has been added

  • Added support for Groovy based templates

  • Added support for Thymeleaf based templates

  • Fixed base directory for AsciiDoc includes

  • Expanded data model made available to templates

  • Improved error reporting

  • Example templates upgraded to use Bootstrap v3.1.1 & jQuery v1.11.1

I have to thank Tobias Roeser, Rainer Weinhold, Yaroslav Karandashev and especially C├ędric Champeau for a massive amount of work that they contributed to this release. Thank you all!

This release should also be available via Maven Central in the next few days.

Download JBake v2.3.0 now and get baking!

By Jonathan Bullock - 11 May 2014