JBake v2.4.0 released

I’m extremely happy to announce that JBake v2.4.0 has finally been released. This is a feature release that includes a number of new features as well as bug fixes and in terms of issues/pull requests closed it is the largest release ever.

Here are the release notes for this version…​

New features:

  • New and improved documentation for project #196

  • Metadata header now supports JSON format being used #114

  • Init option now allows folder to be specified #147, #151 & #156

  • Allow custom file extension to be specified for custom templates #152 & #155

  • Locate output directory in source folder by default #157 & #158

  • Thymeleaf templates can now use the .html extension #163

  • Improved use of JBake as library by removing System.exit calls #167 & #168

  • Markdown extension: STRIKETHROUGH added and allowed some extensions to be disabled #171

  • Added tag.sanitize configuration option #181

  • Added asset.ignore configuration option #193

  • Added ConditionalCommentsDialect support for Thymeleaf #195 & #200

Bugs fixed:

  • Make sure no null tag list could break process #129

  • The href of stylesheet in generated "tag".html is wrong #148

  • Asset directory name was hard coded #162

  • Colon in Asciidoctor based post prevents proper title rendering #164

  • Broken link to /archive in index.gsp #172

  • Special character in the title field of the metadata header are not escaped #173 & #192

  • "Unable to convert object to String[] error shown multiple times with no explanation #174

  • Redundant slash in the example project structures #187

  • Leading spaces in tags defined in AsciiDoc format are not removed #191

  • Discrepancy in numbers output when baking jbake.org #204


  • Update AsciidoctorJ to v1.5.2 #153, #197 & #203

  • Update Jacoco to 0.7.X #142

  • custom.properties is now deprecated and a warning shown if used #50 & #134

  • Extract all config constants in one interface #132

  • Make sure content.rootpath returns empty string instead of null #150

  • All DB related code moved to behind a facade - ContentStore #169

  • Reclassified ERRORS to WARNINGS when invalid metadata header is detected and display relevant file #179

  • Added delegating constructor to Oven to maintain existing API #194 & #198

  • Removed debug statements from AsciidoctorJ library #199

  • Made sure OrientDB logging is piped through so it can be controlled via JBake logging configuration #205 & #207

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has contributed something to this new release, so in no particular order: Yan Bonnel, Nicolas Delsaux, Vadim, Mariusz Smykuła, flyisland, Gerard Ryan, HuguesH, Christian Bauer, Oliver B. Fischer, Tobias Roeser, Jason Lee, uli-heller, Gilberto Caetano de Andrade, Dmitri Smirnov, Frank Becker and pitpalme.

This release should also be available via Maven Central, GVM and Homebrew in the next few days.

Download JBake v2.4.0 now and get baking!

By Jonathan Bullock - 30 May 2015

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