"Jekyll of the JVM"

- Dan Allen

JBake is a Java based, open source, static site/blog generator for developers & designers


Latest News: JBake v2.5.1 released

Open Source

Source available on GitHub, licensed under MIT License

Content Formatting

Supports AsciiDoc, Markdown and good old HTML formatted content.

Open Structure

Structure your content any way you see fit.

Blog Aware

RSS feed, archive and tag support.

Draft support

View your draft content before publishing it and making it available to the world.

Template Support

Freemarker, Groovy, Thymeleaf and Jade based templates & scripting support.

CSS Framework Support

Easily integrate CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation.

Custom Metadata

Add as much metadata to content as you like, also exposed to templates.

Storage Support

Store your site content in Dropbox, CVS, SVN, Git or whatever you want.

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